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 Training course Catalog

We offer customized group training sessions designed to meet the diverse needs of various groups, including corporate teams, law enforcement units, and private enthusiasts. Our expertly crafted classes are aimed at enhancing tactical skills through focused, hands-on training. 

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Pistol training

Our Pistol Training courses range from basic handling and safety to advanced defensive techniques and mastery classes. These courses are structured to progressively build skills, ensuring participants move from fundamental safety and operation to high-level precision and tactical decision-making suited for competitive shooting and personal defense.


Carbine training

In our Carbine Training, participants start with the basics of carbine mechanics and progress to advanced operational tactics. The training focuses on enhancing the participant's ability to handle carbines proficiently in tactical scenarios, with special attention to strategic movements, precision shooting, and maintaining functionality in various environments.

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Advanced Training

Advanced Training sessions delve into specialized areas such as Close Quarters Battle (CQB), Urban Tactics, and Night Operations. These courses are designed to equip participants with the skills necessary to navigate and respond to complex tactical situations effectively, using advanced strategies and technologies tailored to specific operational needs.


Specialty training

Specialty Training at Achilles Heel Tactical covers essential niche skills like Medical Tactical Training, Hostage Rescue Operations, and Executive Protection Training. These programs are intended for specific professional applications, offering skills ranging from emergency medical care in combat scenarios to strategic planning and execution in hostage rescue and VIP protection operations.

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