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Rick Crawley

CEO & Chief Instructor 


Rick started Achilles Heel Tactical in 2017 after separating from the Marine Corps to pursue a new career in law enforcement. 



Rick has over a decade of combined experience in both military & law enforcement service. During his time as an infantry marine, he deployed 3 times in support of OIF and OEF operations. Rick fulfilled many billets on these tours such as Squad Leader &

Scout Sniper Team Leader. While serving in law enforcement, Rick served as an OPOTA LE Firearms Instructor, SWAT team member and Patrolman. 


Rick's affiliation with Action Target as a LETC firearms instructor provides him with the opportunity to train law enforcement officers, military service members, and tactically minded individuals all over the United States.  Rick uses his training & experience, combined with continued studies & professional development to instruct his students.



Paul Costa

Paul serves as an active LEO  with over 16 years of experience working for a large state agency. Duties ranging from general road patrol, tactical patrol units, assistant range master, firearms / tactic instructor, and special operations canine handler. Paul has been teaching Firearms and tactic for over a decade and holds countless  of Instructor certifications in, CQB, Firearms, combative’s, Small Unit Tactics, NVG, and Swat Operations.

Paul is currently serving on a full time unit as a special operations canine handler and is tasked with providing tactical canine support to Federal, State, County and Local swat teams within the Tri-State area. Paul specializes in high risk woodland operations / open area searches, high risk warrant service, barricade suspects, hostage rescue, and fugitive apprehension. Paul has conducted thousands of high risk operations state side. Paul is also deputized as a US Marshal TFO and is assigned to them part-time to provide tactical support during fugitive operations.

When time permits Paul competes in USPSA open and carry optics divisions. Pauls teaching methodology is principle based and rooted in the fundamentals. He combines his professional background and passion for the shooting sports to produce effective, efficient, accountable, tacticians and marksmen. Traveling around the country as an Instructor for Achilles Heel Tactical, he lead instructs the CQB & NVG courses at AHT. His passion for training only grows as he continues to remain a student of his craft. 

- Mission Statement - 




Achilles Heel Tactical is a veteran owned & operated firearms training company that travels the nation teaching firearms fundamentals to civilians, law-enforcement personnel, and military service members in order to create a more accountable community. 

At Achilles Heel Tactical, we educate by delivering a variety of training that will serve you at the range, in your profession, or at home. We are committed to educating customers through individual or group training in a variety of offered courses and community based training events.

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