Our Defensive Pistol course focuses on the close quarter application of shooting pistol and teaches shooters how to effectively defend themselves by developing their shooting fundamentals from inside the waistband. 

This course covers:

- fundamentals of shooting pistol

- Everyday Carry (EDC) items

- Tourniquet (TQ) applications
- close quarter engagements
- defensive movement
- secondary weapon considerations

- pistol manipulation

- effective engagement zones
- alternative shooting positions
- weapons retention
- development of a hard target mindset

- reloading fundamentals
- weapons of opportunity

- importance of grip and bone support

- proper utilization of sight alignment and sight picture

- draw and retention from IWB holsters

- weapons conditions

- weapons safety conditions

- strong and support side shooting

- single hand manipulation

- common pistol malfunctions

- inside the waistband (IWB) vs outside the waistband (OWB) holsters

- how to properly conceal a firearm

- concealment fundamentals and principles

- picking a concealment firearm that best fits you

- how to draw from concealment and return to holster

- how to properly build motor-skill memory

- reloading from concealment

- most advantageous ways to conceal a firearm

- proper instruction when dealing with Law Enforcement Officers

- speed building exercises

- importance of proper gear and clothing

- other considerations


Minimum Requirements:

- Have a valid CCW Permit, or LEO credentials

- Confident in shooting ability

- Satisfactory understanding of weapons conditions

- Satisfactory understanding of all firearms safety rules


Date: 11/13/2022

Time: 8-5pm each day with a 1hr lunch

Price: $400

Location: San Bernardino, CA


After you purchase this course, an AHT firearms instructor will contact you via email approximately 1 month from the course date with pre-course details and provide you with an exact location for the training. All course dates are subject to change due to full-time commitment to Law Enforcement.

Defensive Pistol

    • Valid CCW Permit, or LEO credentials
    • IWB (Inside the waistband) Holsters
    • Reliable and sturdy EDC belt
    • At least 1 magazine holder for spare magazine
    • 3 magazines
    • Reliable EDC Pistol
    • 500 rounds of ammunition</