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Our Baseline Trauma Medicine Course introduces the building blocks of good pre-hospital or pre-EMS care that everyday citizens may encounter a need for.  Whether it’s caring for a loved one or helping your fellow man, we will provide the skills needed to assess and intervene in any time of crisis. The Baseline Med course focuses on more than just the lifesaving trauma skills themselves, but also WHY these skills are important, so the student understands not only what they are doing but also why they are doing it. This course is taught by current medical professionals and is a perfect introduction for prepared citizens. All training aids provided. 

This course covers:
- Scene safety assessment / Hazard identification

- Personal safety considerations

- Medical equipment and gear selection

- Basic trauma assessment skills

- Bleeding control skills

- tourniquet application

- wound packing

- pressure dressing / direct pressure

- Hemostatic agents

- when to use each skill

- Airway assessment and interventions

- Airway opening / positioning

- obstruction clearing

- NPA insertion

- Rescue breathing techniques

- pocket mask

- barrier devices

- assessment

- Pulse Checks

- Locations and indication

- Treating for shock

- Evacuation / Exposure


Price: $350


The Baseline course is a pre-requisite for additional courses as subsequent AHT Med courses will build upon the knowledge and skills obtained in this course

Baseline Trauma Medicine

    • Equipment Needed:

    • Bring your personal med kits / IFAK’s for gear assessment. (Your gear will not be used unless you want to use it)

    • Note taking gear
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