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Our 3 Day Precision Rifle Development Course establishes a fundamental baseline for long range precision shooting. This course sets the foundation for long range fundamentals and demonstrates how consistency within the discipline of these fundamentals will breed precision. By the end of this course students can expect to have a better understanding of the external variables that come into play while developing this skill set to help them self-diagnose their training in the future. 


This course covers:

- fundamentals of long-range precision

- propper shooting positions

- body mechanics

- ballistics

- rifle set up

- elements to effective engagement

- how to read wind

- quick wind formulas 

- proper zero

- how to build D.O.P.E (data on previous engagement)

- shooter - spotter communication

- target ID engagements

- UKD (unknown distance) formulas and engagements

- KD (known distance) engagements

- multiple target engagements

- overcoming other than ideal shooting positions


This is an 24hr course split up into three 8hr days. 

Date: TBD

Price: $750

Time: 8am-5pm with 1hr lunch

Location: TBD


After you purchase this course, an AHT firearms instructor will contact you via email approximately 1 month from the course date with pre-course details and provide you with an exact location for the training. All course dates are subject to change due to full-time commitment to Law Enforcement.

3 Day Precision Rifle Development

    • Precision Rifle capable of 1MOA
    • Properly Mounted MRAD or MOA reticle scope
    • Bipods
    • 350 - 400 rounds of Match Ammo (HORNADY, BERGER, SIERRA)
    • Eye & Ear Protection 
    • 3 Magazines
    • 1 magazine holder
    • Sand sock
    • Appropriate clothing for weather
    • Note book
    • Cleaning Gear
    • Food & Water



    • Tripod set up
    • Chest rig
    • Plate carrier
    • Kestrel
    • Ballistic Computer
    • Sling
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