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Achilles Heel Tactical was born out of the unrelenting urge to become a more accountable shooter. As we have grown, our wants and needs have been met with hundreds of companies, and thousands of products that attempt to serve us as shooters. From the beginning, something I always wanted to bring to this industry was a solution to a common problem. The problem of who to trust with your investment of both time & money when it comes to education and firearms.


Over the years we have heard your questions. What Rifle should I run? What barrel length? Which Optic? What are the best accessories? It takes time and money to determine which brands you can trust in this industry… Our solution, the Arrow of Paris. An all inclusive rifle build assembled with the shooter in mind. Parts and accessories from companies that we trust, use, and have put to the test through thousands of rounds. No longer will you have to research for hours on end only find out you should have went with something or someone else. If you know & trust AHT, we did all that homework for you. Not only does this 1 off rifle come completely outfitted with the highest quality components… it also comes with training opportunities with ACHILLES HEEL TACTICAL. 


4 training courses & 1 admission to our Catalina wine mixer event, OHIO RANGE DAY. Each year we will design 1 exclusive rifle to be delivered to the community. We will also, thanks to the help of our build sponsors, publish a build list for all who are inspired by these builds. I wish & hope to see these AOP rifles serve as a community heirloom over the years, leaving a legacy much like Paris’s Arrow that exploited the weakness of the mighty ACHILLES. 

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