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Our 3 Day Pistol Instructor Development Program provides a framework for each student with the necessary tools, knowledge, and confidence to facilitate and teach an audience. This is accomplished through a true understanding of fundamental principles that you can quantify. The instructor Development Program will assist you in building the confidence needed to develop viable curriculum for your audience. Further developing your delivery and ability to execute them in front of an audience in an efficient & disciplined manner. Performance on Demand.


This course drives instructors to exceed their comfort levels in order to grow through constructive criticism all while inside a conducive learning environment.  This course will teach you the essential steps and provide you with the knowledge necessary to build a confident shooter.




This course covers:

- how to create a conducive learning environment 

- adult learning theory 

- facilitation of an audience 

- delivery of material 

- conducting a safe range

- public speaking

- performance on demand application

- articulating fundamentals

- developing curriculum 
- student development & relations 

- safe weapons handling while teaching

- coaching/mentoring 

- observation & diagnosis 

- par timer utilization 

- range bag essentials 

- emergency medical planning/staging

- business model evaluation



Date: 5/1,2,3/2024

Time: 8 - 5pm each day

Price: $1200

Location: Newark, OH


* Students must be confident in their shooting abilities. Prerequisite Pistol 1 completed by a reputable instructor or organization.


After you purchase this course, an AHT firearms instructor will contact you via email approximately 1 month from the course date with pre-course details and provide you with an exact location for the training. 

3 Day RDS Pistol Instructor Development Program

    • OWB (Outside the waistband) or IWB (Inside the waistband) Holster
    • Reliable and sturdy EDC (everyday carry) or duty belt
    • At least 2 magazine holders 
    • At least 3 magazines
    • Reliable Pistol
    • 600 - 800 rounds of ammunition
    • Ear & Eye Protection
    • Permanent Marker
    • Appropriate Clothing for Range
    • Weapons maintenance & cleaning equipment
    • Food & Water
    • Par Timer
    • Note Taking Gear
    • Range Bag
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