Our 2 Day Precision Rifle Development Course, teaches shooters a fundamental base for long range precision shooting. This course stresses the fundamentals and demonstrates how consistency breeds precision.


This course covers:

- fundamentals of long-range precision

- propper shooting positions

- body mechanics

- ballistics

- rifle set up

- elements to effective engagement

- how to read wind

- quick wind formulas 

- proper zero

- how to build D.O.P.E (data on previous engagement)

- shooter - spotter communication

- target ID engagements

- UKD (unknown distance) formulas and engagements

- KD (known distance) engagements

- multiple target engagements

- overcoming other than ideal shooting positions


This is an 16hr course split up into two 8hr days. 

Date: TBD

Price: $525

Time: 9am-6pm with 1hr lunch

Location: TBD


After you purchase this course, an AHT firearms instructor will contact you via email approximately 1 month from the course date with pre-course details and provide you with an exact location for the training. All course dates are subject to change due to full-time commitment to Law Enforcement.

2 Day Precision Rifle Development

    • Precision Rifle capable of 1MOA
    • Properly Mounted Mil-dot or MOA reticle scope
    • Bipods
    • 200 rounds of Match ammo
    • Eye & Ear Protection
    • 3 Magazines
    • 1 magazine holder
    • Sand sock
    • Appropriate clothing for weather
    • Note book
    • Cleaning Gear
    • Food & Water



    • Tripod set up
    • Chest rig
    • Plate carrier
    • Kestrel
    • Ballistic Computer
    • Sling