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Our Stalker Precision Course, was designed to teach shooters the proper methods of stalking into an advantageous position and from there build a concealable long range shooting platform in order to engage long range and close range targets. In this course shooters will be instructed and given 2 months to obtain materials & construct a ghillie suit of their own to use in this course. 2 months prior to the date of this course students will receive an email with an instructional video from AHT going over the materials needed and the proper way to construct a ghillie suit. This course stresses the fundamentals of concealment and demonstrates how consistancy breeds precision. 


This course covers:

- fundamentals of long-range precision

- propper shooting positions

- stalking

- camoflauge

- hide construction 

- elements to effective engagement

- how to read wind

- quick wind formulas

- ghillie suit construction 

- route planning

- concealment

- fieldcraft

- observation 

- marksmanship

- KD (known distance) engagements

- multiple target engagements

- overcoming other than ideal shooting positions


- Limited to 10 students.


Location: Burghill, OH

Date: 7/25/2020

Time 8am-5pm with a 1hr lunch


After you purchase this course an AHT firearms instructor will contact you to provide you with a exact location for the course.



Stalker Precision Course

    • Precision Rifle capable of 1MOA
    • Properly Mounted Mil-dot or MOA reticle scope
    • Bipods
    • 1 Completed Ghillie Suit
    • Tripod with mount
    • 550 cord
    • Binoculars or spotting scope
    • 200 rounds of Match ammo
    • Data book
    • Vegetation cutters
    • Bungy cables
    • Eye & Ear Protection
    • 2 Magazines
    • 1 magazine holder
    • Sand sock
    • Appropriate clothing for weather
    • Note book
    • Cleaning Gear
    • Food & Water



    • Hog or pig saddel
    • Chest rig
    • Plate carrier
    • Kestral
    • Balistic Computer
    • Sling