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This is your prescribed Range Day! Every quarter we will be partnering up with industry leading companies to bring you training focused around these companies specific products and services. You're not going to want to miss this, register now! Join us in this community based training event!


12/15/2023 - Azusa, CA


 Event Includes : 1 Day Range Fee  

  • 8 Hours of firearms training from Achilles Heel Tactical, Kagwerks, First Defense USA, & Bullcreek Strategic 
  • 2 Separate caterers providing lunch & dinner for this event 
  • Full content coverage by professional media 
  • Sponsor competition giveaways
  • Sponsor raffle giveaways, & prize packs
  • Limited Edition event t-shirt, magazine, & merchandise 


Upon completion of your purchase, you will receive approximately one month out from the event all event/range waivers, instructor selections, & coordinating instructions. Failure complete & acknowledge will result in forfeiture of admission. 

Q4. Rx Range Day California

  • No Refunds will be granted for all event purchases.

    • Gear will dependent on training courses offered. Instructors will send out specific gear required for courses
    • Ear Protection 
    • Eye Protection 
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