Our LE/MIL Patrol Rifle Course is designed around real world application shooting for both law enforcement & military alike. This course utilizes dynamic close-range & mid-range engagements that are directed to break the target shooting mindset that both communities are plagued with. This course is centered around the unknown enviroment that LE/Mil operate in daily and gives shooters a better understanding of combative egagements. Whether you are military or law enforcement, you will receive quality training from AHT instructors and staff that will help develop your skills and mindset.

* At AHT we are prior military and active LE, so we want to bring more advanced training to the LE and Military communities with out breaking the bank. All LE/Mil Courses are discounted as low as possible to bring you the best training to fit your budget.

* This course requires shooters to be confident in their shooting and physical abilities. Shooters MUST provide Law Enforcement or Military credentials.


This course covers:

- shooting fundamentals / safety
- weapons conditions
- combat effective zeroing
- combat marksmanship

- shooting positions / alternative shooting positions

- efficient movement / body mechanics

- strong / support side manipulation
- utilization of cover
- effective engagement from cover
- effective movement to cover
- barricade shooting

- vehicle employment / vehicle cover

- engagements outside of vehicles

- communication
-TQ basics

- gunfighter mindset

- malfunctions / reloading

- transitions from rifle / to pistol
- close quarter engagements

- mid distance engagements
- other considerations

* This course requires shooters to be confident in their shooting and physical abilities. Shooters MUST provide LE or Mil. credentials.


This is a 8hr course and requires at least 5 shooters to schedule a course date. After you purchase this course an AHT firearms instructor will contact you to schedule a training date and provide you a list of minimum gear requirements to take this course.


LE / MIL Patrol Rifle Course

Shirt Size
    • Tactical Rifle with optic
    • Pistol
    • OWB Holster
    • Rifle sling
    • At least 3 rifle magazines
    • At least 3 pistol magazines
    • 2 magazine holders for pistol magazines
    • 2 magazine holders for rifle magazines
    • 600 rounds rifle
    • 300 rounds pistol
    • Ear & Eye Protection
    • Appropriate Clothing for terrain and Weather
    • Weapons maintenance & cleaning equipment
    • Food & Water


    • Body Armor
    • Plate carrier
    • Chest rig
    • Weapons Lights
    • Batteries
    • First Aid, etc.
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