The AHT Gunfighter Fitness Course was developed to expose shooters to the importance of functional fitness. This course focuses on helping shooters understand what mental & physical variables come into play when faced with mental & physical stressors. Physical exertion, elevated heart rate, and cardiovascular / muscular fatigue are examples of what shooters will experience, all while attempting to execute a critical skill demonstrated on the range. This course lays the ground work for establishing new workout routines, all while reinforcing diet and individual nutrition. Shooters will be expected to show confidence & competence in running a primary & secondary weapon system in conjunction with each other. As well as maintain a positive mindset & be cognizant of weapons safety at all times.


This course will be open to all competent and tactically minded shooters. A well rounded level of physical fitness may be required.  TQ (tourniquet) training will also be included in this training and TQ trainers will be provided for students. All training implemented is real world based training from experienced instructors & field experts.

This course covers:

- shooting fundamentals / safety
- weapons conditions

- cardiovascular conditioning 

- functional fitness  

- nutrition

- EDC esentials

- combat marksmanship & breathing 

- functional strength exercises 

- efficient movement/body mechanics

- strong / support side manipulation
- importance of range workouts

- mental development

- physical endurance 

- TQ basics

- gunfighter mindset

- malfunctions / reloading

- transitions from rifle to pistol
- close quarter engagements

- mid-distance engagements
- other considerations



Date: TBD

Time: 8:00AM - 5:00PM (8 hours) with a 1hr lunch

Price: $350 (includes range fee)


Location: TBD


This is a 8hr course and requires at least 5 shooters to schedule a course date. After you purchase this course an AHT firearms instructor will contact you to schedule a training date and provide you a list of minimum gear requirements to take this course.

Gunfighter Fitness Course

Shirt Size
    • Tactical Rifle
    • Pistol
    • Duty Belt
    • OWB Holster
    • Rifle sling
    • At least 3 rifle magazines
    • At least 3 pistol magazines
    • 2 magazine holders for pistol magazines
    • 2 magazine holders for rifle magazines
    • 500 Rounds Rifle
    • 500 Rounds Pistol
    • Ear & Eye Protection
    • Appropriate Clothing for exercise, terrain, and Weather
    • Weapons maintenance & cleaning equipment
    • Food & Water
    • Sunscreen


    • Body Armor
    • Plate carrier
    • Chest rig
    • Weapons Lights
    • Batteries
    • First Aid, etc.
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