Our 2 Day Vehicle Tactics Course is designed to provide students with a better understanding of how to utilize vehicles in order to maximize their survivability in vehicle centered engagements. This course is centered around an environment that is organic to everyday life and gives shooters sound tactics and ballistic data to take back to their agencies. Whether you are military / law enforcement or just a tactically minded citizen, you will receive quality training from AHT instructors and staff that will help develop your skills and mindset.

* This course requires shooters to be confident in their shooting and physical abilities.

This course covers:

- shooting fundamentals / safety
- weapons conditions
- combat marksmanship

- shooting positions / alternative shooting positions

- safe & efficient movement / body mechanics

- vehicle ballistics test
- vehicle data development

- vehicle employment / vehicle cover

- interior vehicle engagements

- exterior vehicle engagements

- engagements from vehicle to vehicle

- engagements into a vehicle
- communication
-TQ basics

- gunfighter mindset

- malfunctions / reloading


Price: $450 (range fee included)


Date: August 22-23, 2020  Batavia, NY

November 14-15, 2020 North Ft. Myers, FL


Time: 8-5pm each day with a 1hr lunch


* This course requires shooters to be confident in their shooting and physical abilities. Prerequisite P1 & C1 completed by a reputable instructor or organization. This is an extensive 16 hour course, split up into two 8 hour days. This is a 16hr course and requires at least 5 shooters to schedule a course date. 

2 Day Vehicle Tactics Course

Shirt Size

    • Tactical Rifle with optic
    • Pistol
    • OWB Holster (NO SERPA)
    • Rifle sling
    • At least 3 rifle magazines
    • At least 3 pistol magazines
    • 2 magazine holders for pistol magazines
    • 2 magazine holders for rifle magazines
    • 800 rounds rifle
    • 800 rounds pistol
    • Ear & Eye Protection
    • Appropriate Clothing for terrain and Weather
    • Weapons maintenance & cleaning equipment
    • Food & Water
    • Long Sleeve Shirt
    • Knee Pads
    • Tourniquet 


    • Body Armor
    • Plate carrier
    • Chest rig
    • Weapons Lights (Low Light Add on)
    • Free Hand Lights (Low Light Add on)
    • Batteries
    • Med Kit, First Aid, etc.
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