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Remote Training Solutions Presented by Achilles Heel Tactical – a first-of-its-kind, online training program that will develop your knowledge, skill sets, and focus on your ability to train the fundamentals remotely through progressive live-fire and dry-fire training evolutions. 

Achilles Heel Tactical is bringing together accomplished instructors, competition shooters, Special Operations veterans, and SWAT Officers to produce proven and effective training plans tailored to all ability levels. From questions on training fundamentals to weapons and gear considerations & assistance, let us help you save time & money to get you better prepared. Rather than spend a few hundred dollars for a single day of firearms training, let us give you a quality training plan for the entire year, complete with detailed discussions, on & off the range coaching reviews, live Q&A videos with AHT Cadre, and much, much more to come. 

Stop wasting time, money and ammunition at the range repeating the same drills you found scattered across the Internet; our Remote Training Program offers a focused and wholistic training approach as a one-stop shop for everything related to firearms training. 

We are seeking to connect the community of prepared citizens interested in improving their ability to protect themselves and their loved ones, so join the Team today, and become part of the movement!



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